Reserve/Hold using Online Catalog

From the Online Catalog

Type in the title, author or keyword of the item you are looking for
Click Go or press enter to search

Note: For slower online connection Click Search button then type keyword,
         author or title of item and on left in Find choose Title or Author if needed

Now Click Request for the title of the item you want to reserve/hold

In the popup box enter your:
  Library ID - your 14-digit card # without any spaces between the digits
  PIN - call Library if you have not setup a PIN yet

A message will popup stating Hold has been Successfully placed, and shows your
position in the reserve/hold queue

** click okay if you get an Object Error message, your hold is still placed
    You can view your reserves with the My Account on the bottom

** If the catalog states the item is in, the Library staff will hold it for you at the
Circulation Desk for the next 3 days. You will not be called.



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